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Sunday, January 21, 2018

"Why Kids Are Smiling?" ---Visiting Deenabandhu Home

Visiting Deenabandhu: Home of Love and Acceptance 

5 hour drive from Bangalore took us next to Deenabandhu Home, in a very poor community of  Chamarajanagar, north of Mysore.  This town has historically consisted of population of lower caste, therefore has been discriminated and left behind from modern cities' development, such as paved streets! This is where Professor Jayadev founded a home for six orphan boys in 1991. Today, nearly 100 boys and girls who have no place to go, live in this home which is filled with discipline, fun, laughter, order and most importantly love and acceptance. Please watch a short YGB FILM "Deenabandhu: Home of Love and Acceptance"(2014) to learn more about this amazing home. They welcomed our visit with welcome signs every where. 

    Prof Jayadev (Deenabandhu Founder), Prajna (Project Manager) and children warmly welcome us

It is so wonderful to return to this home and witness growth of children. YGB's global family is supporting 26 orphaned and abandoned children here. It costs only $500 a year to provide these children with loving care and good education. Following Prof Jayadev's philosophy of "Love and Acceptance", children mature with self acceptance, confidence and love.
YGB Ambassador Anouk Prop has been volunteering at this home for the last few years, as psychotherapist and yoga teacher. Children are so happy to see her return. Prajna Neelgund is the Manager of all the operations here. Graduating from India's top IIT University with computer science. She once had a top paid job at Syscos in Mumbai, but she knew something was missing in her life. Today, Prajna is the central force behind children's arts and theater activities among many other creative work for children. 

We were welcomed by Dance Performance by the children at Girls Home. 

YGB Global Ambassadors Enjoyed Children's Dancing Performance!

Years ago, this girl was found lying next to her mother's dead body on the street of Bangalore. She also had many physical issues. Today, she is part of the dancing group!!

Megha is now in Masters Course at Bangalore University majoring Literature. As children grow, they become care takers for younger children, returning to the home for the weekends. There is a real sense of belonging and family here, which has created this home everyone belongs and can return anytime.  
Evening ended with Jayadev's beautiful and peaceful bamboo flute accompanied by Druga's harmonium! 


  1. One of the happiest posts yet. The work of YGB continues to be amazing and it's thrilling to see the ambassadors sharing the love with the kids.

  2. Thank you for your continued, heartfelt support!!!