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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Following Jayashree's Dream

YGB Seva Trip Visits Jayashree

Next, we visited Jayashree who is the mother of Guruprasad we just visited at his college campus, South Bangalore. Jayashree and her husband Rama live in Chanapatna, suburbs of strolling city of Bangalore. YGB Ambassadors were quite eager to meet with them as Guruprasad touched our hearts so deeply expressing his sincere gratitude to his parents' sacrifice for his advancement in education. 

My first visit was in 2007 when Jayashree just received her first micro loan from Grameen Koota, a local micro loan institute. At first, I thought her micro loans will allow her improve their life style, such as buying a bigger home with running water, toilet, etc. However for the last ten years, I have  learned that they are not interested in their life style. Their priority remains firm to provide everything for their son Guruprasad's higher education. Even with YGB's annual funding for his college tuition, they still need to pay for his needs such as computer, dormitory, food, etc. With this family's determination, Jayashree's dream to give higher education for her two sons are becoming a reality. Each time, she looks more confident about her son's  academic achievement and success. She is so proud of Guruprasad and misses him dearly, who can only return home every six months due to his responsibilities to attend dental emergencies at the college clinic. Jayashree and Rama proudly showed us a small piece of land  in front of their humble one room house. Here, they hope to build a small clinic for Guruprasad to start his dental work so he can serve this poor village community. Jayashree's dream has been to educate their children to get higher education to serve the poor communities.
You can watch my very first YGB FILM "Micro Financing Change Lives"  which includes a short story of Jayashree and Guruprasad ten years ago. Witnessing Guruprasad's transformation has been a great joy for me and we want to continue our support till Guruprsad becomes a dental surgeon in a few years. My dream is to film Guruprasad treating his patients at this hometown clinic!

Jayashree's dream is becoming a reality year by year with your support! 

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