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Tuesday, January 16, 2018


YGB's First Seva Trip Takes Off!!

YGB Seva Trip Participants with Guruprasad and his students 
Today, my dream trip started here in Bangalore.  It is truly magical that seven YGB Ambassadors and supporters came to join this first YGB Seva Trip, despite of everyone's very busy schedule and family obligations. This first trip's participants are Anouk Prop (The Netherlands/Thailand), Beate Scholtz (Los Angeles), Bonnie Ikemura (Los Angeles), Julee Yew Crijns (The UK), Lauren Peterson (Los Angeles), Mina Lee (Abu Dhabi) and myself.  Everyone has been supporting YGB's programs over the years through fundraising events in their own local communities, but never seen their contributions' impact in India except for Anouk who now volunteers at one of YGB programs every year.  Annual visit to YGB programs in India has become my true inspiration for YGB's work and I always wanted to share this life changing experience with more people who support YGB whole heartedly. Thanks to YGB UK Ambassador Julee's incredible effort, this trip came to reality and I am truly grateful.

Our first visit was to meet with Guruprasad (25 years old) who is now in his 3rd year at Post Graduate Course at AECS Maaruti College of Dental Sciences & Research Center. As most of you know, we met Guruprasad 10 years ago when he was still at high school, dreaming of getting higher education. I have been filming him since then and it has been true joy to witness his incredible achievement and growth.

Today, we visited Guruprasad after his classes. He now works from 8:30am to 3pm seeing average of 40 dental patients a day for diagnosis and treatment. He also teaches anatomy and basic medical education to 150 undergraduate students. As a resident PHD doctor, he also assists oral surgeries by his seniors and will be conducting his independent surgeries in two years. He studies till 9:30pm every day and hopes to pass the final examination in 6 months.

Guruprasad's commitment to his study is unshakable and his pursuit of his dream is firm. He wants to educate poor people about oral and dental hygiene to  prevent unnecessary cancer which the poor cannot afford. He also wants to create a clinic fo the poor so they can be treated free of charge, once they develop oral cancer. He also says 70% of cancer is rooted in tabacco in India which should be reduced with public awareness education.

"Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" (Maha Upanishad) means "We are all one family." 

This is Guruprasad's mantra. He believes in 'oneness' of all of us. No matter how poor or where you are from, you are part of us. If you are sick, you must be treated. He thanks his parents for giving this spiritual root in him, which he is confident to realize with his profession as a dental surgeon.

With YGB's global community's support, we continue to fund Guruprasad's education till he becomes a dental surgeon and serves poor people with love. It was a profoundly moving visit to see how Guruprasad has matured with confidence and dignity. It was particularly special for me to be able to share this visit with everyone, a memorable visit to start YGB's First Seva Trip.
Please watch YGB FILM "Jayashree's Dream Lives" to learn more about his journey!

With YGB India Supporters Natesh and Babitha

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  1. Keep up the great work in the vineyard. You all look radiant! Namaste!