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Monday, January 22, 2018

"Why YOGA?"---Asana and Conversation with Prof Jayadev

YGB Ambassadors Teach a Yoga Class at Deenabandhu!

An impromptu group class took place on our last morning here at Deenbandhu with children. YGB Amabassador Anouk managed to get 80 yoga mats donated from the Netherlands so children can practice yoga in this beautiful new hall. 

Prof Jayadev, Founder of Deenbandhu Home, shared his believe in YOGA. "ASANA is very important. YOGA is about body, mind and their harmony. When you find harmony in body and mind, you find harmony with others. You fin oneness. This is the goal of yoga. So asana is also important." 

Delicious meals are prepared by house mothers. Chapati, Roti with lots of veges, fresh chutney (coconut is so fresh!), lots of cooked vegetable dishes. This is a precious time to chat with Jayadev and learn his deep spiritual path and conviction to live for others with true love and acceptance. THANK YOU!

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  1. Another exciting post. I'm particularly happy to see the ambassadors practicing yoga with the orphans and mothers. It brings things full circle!