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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Bangalore Day 2: Visiting Jayashree and Micro Financing Institute Grameen Koota/FinancialServices

Jayashree, Rama with YGB Ambassador Kathleen Kastner and new YGB Rep in India Babitha P
Jayashree, Rama and their 2nd son Hoysala
It is really exciting to visit Jayashree on every trip to India, YGB's longest fund recipient who lives in Channapatna, two hour drive outside of Bangalore.

Jayashree received her first loan in 2007 from Grameen Koota, a local Micro Financing Institute. Grameen Foundation, an international organization of Dr. Muhammad Yunus (Recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006) referred me to Grameen Koota on my first trip and this is how I met Jayashree seven years ago!!  Today, Jayashree's family life, as well as Grameen Koota, have grown so much!! Jayashree's eldest son is now graduating from Bellary Medical Dental College to become a dental surgeon after two more years at Post Graduate Course from 2015, which YGB is fully funding with your support!!  Please watch a recent YGB Film "Jayashree's Journey Continues" to learn more about this family's incredible journey!!!

During this period, Grameen Koota has also grown fast as Micro Financing took off in India. It is now providing loans to nearly 1 million women in three states and still keeps growing, as top 5 MFIs in India!! Well, YGB has also grown 35% per year during this same period, now funding more than 500 women and children, so we have been maturing together!! "Micro loans enable families take transformational micro steps such as Jayashree's. You may not see a big change in their lives, but look closely. Positive changes are taking place in their children's lives and in their hearts! Self confidence!!" said General Manager of Grameen Financial Services, which now is traded in stock market, also proud to offer unique auxiliary services such as providing toilets to 140,000 families as part of their Sanitation Education program.

Hoysala 8 years old
Jayashree with her two sons Hoysan and Guruprasad in 2007

What inspired us most yesterday was that Jayashree's second son, Hoysala 8 years old at 3rd Grade, now speaks English well and shared his dream with us!!  "I want to be a real doctor like my brother. I want to help people in this community. I want to do good!" He was so articulate and clearly believes in his dreams. What a real transformation this family has made in this last seven years with a small micro loan of 150 dollars a year. Jayashree's family dream now is to open a local medical clinic right here, as their two sons become doctors providing much needed dental and general medical service to this low income community!!! Jayashree and her husband Rama are waiting for this big dream to come true while sticking to live in the most simple way imaginable with positive hope and smiles on their faces.

With Suresh Krishna, Grameen Financial Service Generam Manager and Hari Darshni who introduced us to Jayashree in 2007
With Mr Udaya Kumar, CEO of Grameen Financial Services

Jayashree's first son Guruprasad in 2012 at Bellary Medical Dental College

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  1. Hi Kayoko! I am so excited to read about your journey as it unfolds! How wonderful to read about Jayashree. She has come such a long way. I will never forgot our visit there in November of 2010. Please send my regards to everyone at Deenabandhu. Dan and I are so excited to visit and meet Anouk. We arrive on January 2nd in Bangalore. I'm very sorry to miss you!