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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Day 1 in Bangalore with YGB TEAM!!

Arrived in Bangalore after almost 20 hours of travel from Los Angeles via Frankfurt. I am so grateful to have a dedicated YGB Ambassador Kathleen Kastner, owner of Maya Yoga in Kansas City to join my entire trip!! Here in Bangalore, our first meeting was with YGB Representative Anand Varadaraj (Deputy Director, Bangalor Film Festival) who has been helping YGB's visit since 2008!! Anand 's support is critical for our visit by coordinating local contacts, translating interviews, arranging local transportation, etc. all the backstage work that has made my regular trips so productive.

YGB Ambaassador Kathleen Kastner, YGB India Rep Annand Varadaraj and volunteer Babitha P
Great Vegeterian THALI dinner at Garuda Mall, Bangalore 

This time, Anand's friend yogi  Babitha P (Talent Acquisition Manager for HP) is volunteering for YGB as we visit YGB fund recipient Jayashree on Wednesday. I feel always so blessed to work with so many kind souls through Yoga Gives Back. As Kathleen and I agreed last night, "this is really YOGA"---this work really unites people beyond any of our expectations! This is one part I feel extremely blessed. YGB work has expanded my world beyond my wildest imagination. I have so many friends now all over the world whom I have never met but connected through one common mission---to give back to India and help more mothers and children together!! 

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  1. How wonderful Kayoko. I can see that you are glowing with anticipation and joy! Here's to the start of another inspiring odyssey!