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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Jayashree Never Gives Up!

Behind the inspiring story of Guruprasad, who is studying to become a dental oncology surgeon, there is an incredible story of his mother Jayashree whom I first met in 2007. Jayashree received her first micro loan that year and was very hopeful to give her children higher education. When I interviewed her for the first time, what struck me most was her honesty and clarity of her goal. "I am poor, my mother was also poor," she told me. She also articulated that her dream was to give her two sons higher education so that they can serve the community. This family never puts "making money" as a goal or priority. Their goal has always been "to serve the society." This was truly surprising as well as inspiring to me. I never expected that response!

I have visited Jayashree almost every year for the last 10 years. What I have come to understand clearly during this visit is that, she has put all she has earned from micro loans and any other debts, to her sons' education. If you watch YGB FILMS "Jayashree's Journey," you realize that she lives in the same house, same small shack, selling snacks and sewing bags in front of their humble home. Her quality of life has not really improved much. If anything, she has been able to buy a gas stove and television for her one room, dirt floor house for her family.

Guruprasad's master course tuition is now about $3,000 per year  which YGB's global community is supporting 100%. In addition, Jayashree is responsible to for about $5,000 of the total cost for the three-year master course to provide books, instruments, and other expenses.

Jayashree and her husband are so proud of their son Guruprasad and will never give up their support and struggle to make their son a proud doctor which is truly a miracle in this little village outside of Bangalore. This family is YGB's first direct fund recipient and I do hope we can continue our support until Guruprasad becomes a dental surgeon and can serve the poor who can not afford any care elsewhere. This might sound like an unattainable dream, but each time I visit Guruprasad and Jayashree, I grow to believe in this dream because they never give up! And there is a little brother following Guruprasad's footsteps. I will share his story during my next visit.

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